Iclea is a French cultural agency based in Helsinki, Finland. Started in October 2011 by French art historian Laura Gutman, Iclea focuses on museums, education and culture. The agency’s main activities are exhibition curatorship, exhibition tours, lectures and publication services.

Iclea is the female character of one of the first science fiction novel, Urania, published in 1889 by French astronomer Camille Flammarion. Her figure arises surrounded by northern lights; she bridges natural phenomena with spiritual life, in line with the beliefs of the late nineteenth century Symbolist movement.

In her honour, an asteroid discoverd in 1889 was named Iclea.


Virtual Tours

Paris 1894. Finnish Artists in the Circle of Gauguin and Strindberg

Rococo. Nordic Interpretations

Neo-Rococo and the North

France-Finlande 1905-1935. Art Deco and the Arts




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